Misty Morning

I was up at 5am this morning to go the Gower Peninsula, I wanted more misty shots and the weather and conditions are perfect for this right now. I got out of the car and found a pony and her foal wandering towards me, curious as to why anyone would be there so early?! after a little while she wandered off into the mist with her little one.

It was still dark when we got there, so had to use a torch to avoid stepping in huge puddles and animal doings, yesterday it rained so much that the ground was waterlogged, so fun for me to try and avoid!

This is one of the photos, taken after it lightened up a bit, I have lots to process…

Its a challenge taking photos at this time of day as you have to be quick with the lighting conditions, they change so quickly, plus the mist moves very fast.

6 thoughts on “Misty Morning

  1. Nice job.
    In the lighting conditions you describe I always find the brainbox gets a good buzz on. As you say, it brings decision making to the for – stay here, move down the bank, slightly higher, slightly lower, expose for the shadows, expose for the hightlights…… 😉

  2. Amazing shot! I really love the blue tones in it. My husband worked for some weeks at the university in Swansea three years ago. We stayed in Mumbles and took a few trips around the Gower peninsula. 🙂

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