Here in South Wales we don’t get much in the way of snow – which is probably why we’re never able to cope with it, but this week the met office (the guys and girls that watch the weather for us over here) issued a red warning for the South Wales region. Virtually everyone I know thought, yeah right its never going to happen – I was quietly excited as I have been promising myself for a long while that the next time it snows, I’m going out in it with my camera equipment! 🙂

So I knew I wouldn’t be able to travel far in my little car, so decided to hike up the mountain I’ve lived by most of my life, I know the path so well, a place my Grandfather walked regularly – I wouldn’t have a problem. At the bottom there was quite a bit of it, but nothing like what greeted me at the top, over a foot of snow (probably tiny compared to many countries) blizzard conditions and a very muddy path being well disguised as a serene white wilderness. On two occasions the mud got me, I fell on my backside and on my knees – still I didn’t care, its not going to bring me down.

At one point while trudging up a large descent in foot high snow I thought to myself jokingly  ‘its like I’m in the film the day after tomorrow’ as I was covered, unable to see with the wind blowing snowflakes into my eyes.

I walked just under 4.5 miles, and while I didn’t really notice it as I was photographing the beautiful landscape, I’m definitely noticing it now! ache!!!! I think its mostly because of the extra exertion from walking in deep snow.

Anywho enough of my rambling…


Above: A lovely tree I found on the way up


Above: right at the top


Above: on the way down

I hope you like the photos, they are only a small selection taken from today, no doubt I’ll post more very soon…


12 thoughts on “Snow!!!!

    • Gracie, I have taken so many photos you wouldn’t believe! I didn’t know where to start so I thought, which ones are my favourite – I’ll show those, plus the one at the top to show where I am. Thank you I will, it never stays for that long, and thanks for commenting 🙂

  1. Isn’t it strange that South Wales got snow, while we don’t have any in the mid part of Norway? It looks lovely and I just love that first one of the tree. 🙂

    • Thank you Mr Farmer! And you were right I was out and about today – taking post wedding photos or ‘Cherish the dress’ shots for Mr and Mrs Isaac, there’s so much snow down the Vale of Glamorgan – if you are considering going for photos tomorrow, you’ll find lots down there!

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