Rainy day…

I’ve been working on the background for my new painting for a few days so decided to get outside and take some photos for a change.

It didn’t bother me that it was raining, so I just looked for interesting patterns and elements, I found a really nice spiders web covered in tiny droplets so grabbed the kitchen steps and took some photos of that.







4 thoughts on “Rainy day…

  1. Gorgeous photos – my favourite is the second one. The droplets look like glass. Can you see yourself in the reflections on the original?

    I was out early this morning and couldn’t believe how many webs there were in the garden!

    • I’ll have to have a look, one of the other photos shows the windows of the house reflected in the beads.

      Trying to take the photos without getting spiders on me proved quite difficult, it was like a scene from the film Entrapment!

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