Pretty Peonies

A bouquet of pretty peonies from my garden. I love these flowers 🙂

IMG_5980 IMG_5989 IMG_6001 IMG_6129 IMG_6132 IMG_6149


Arty Alliums

Just a quickie – this weekend has been a busy one with DIY, but I managed to spend some time taking arty shots of one of the large Allium blooms in the garden. I’ve used a very shallow depth of field to enhance the bokeh.


For the photo below I focused on the inside of the flower, which pushed everything else out of focus, although unconventional I really like the effect.

IMG_5800  IMG_5843 IMG_5851 IMG_5881

In most of the photos I’ve purposefully kept parts of the bloom out of focus to suggest its shape.


I think my favourite is the one below, I like it because of the light and tones I have captured in the petals.