Rhossili Panorama

Here are the two panoramas from last Mondays wanderings.

It was really hazy and warm looking, but in reality very cold and windy – my hair looked like a birds nest within five minutes!

Click on an image to view.



I scaled the steep gradient to the position within no time as I had a goal to get there for sunrise.

The reason for the panoramas? I’m doing a 4 panel canvas to put on the wall, I’m aiming for an uplifting landscape – something local.

I’m having a weekend off, ok the truth of it is I’m fighting of a lurgy that’s had me weak, achy and with a temperature since Thurs – I’m giving myself a break, I’ll get back to the photography soon.

Hope you like! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!



I took this photo about a year and a half ago, I really like it but I’ve never posted it on here… or at least not that I can remember, I’ve had a blog for a long while now…

I used a Variable neutral density filter to be able to leave the shutter open for longer and allow movement, A tripod to restrict the cameras movement and a shutter release cable. The colour has been obtained by adjusting the white balance in camera RAW software.