Painting Broadpool at twilight

Here’s my latest painting, its very much a work in progress. Its much bigger than the other canvases so has taken alot more work to get right. The location is Broad Pool, Gower Peninsula, South Wales – which is one of my favourite locations, Its based on a photo of mine which was taken at dawn, with the colours just starting to appear in the sky, reflection and low lying mist.


Rhossili Panorama

Here are the two panoramas from last Mondays wanderings.

It was really hazy and warm looking, but in reality very cold and windy – my hair looked like a birds nest within five minutes!

Click on an image to view.



I scaled the steep gradient to the position within no time as I had a goal to get there for sunrise.

The reason for the panoramas? I’m doing a 4 panel canvas to put on the wall, I’m aiming for an uplifting landscape – something local.

I’m having a weekend off, ok the truth of it is I’m fighting of a lurgy that’s had me weak, achy and with a temperature since Thurs – I’m giving myself a break, I’ll get back to the photography soon.

Hope you like! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

Sunset panorama

This is one of the panoramic shots I took yesterday, it is made up of five portrait shots and then I used the merge function to stitch them. Its going onto a very large canvas and needs to have visual impact, which I think it does.

If you’ve visited my blog before you’ll probably notice that I’ve been here many times, its one of my favourite locations.

Sunset pana

Click on the image to see a larger view.

Hope you like it! And thanks for visiting 🙂