Afan Forestry – work in progress

This painting is a work in progress and is based on a photo I took while out jogging in Afan Argoed country park, South Wales – one of my favourite places.

Its getting there, but there’s lots of different elements to this painting. Every time I go jogging there, I’m observing how the light interacts with the leaves, the layering of the trees as well as appreciating the phenomenal beauty the area has to offer.

I’ll post more photos as this painting progresses.



Another Rhossili view…

I’ve been painting this one for my mother, its a view of worms head from Rhossili downs, a lovely walk over the hillside. I recommend it if you’re in the area, you’d probably recognise it if you watched Doctor Who or Torchwood, but from a different angle, the famous view is normally taken from the area of land to the middle-left of the painting, I wanted to paint a different view of it, to include the beautiful sea of heather.

Anyway here’s the painting…


Painting Broadpool at twilight

Here’s my latest painting, its very much a work in progress. Its much bigger than the other canvases so has taken alot more work to get right. The location is Broad Pool, Gower Peninsula, South Wales – which is one of my favourite locations, Its based on a photo of mine which was taken at dawn, with the colours just starting to appear in the sky, reflection and low lying mist.