Day 31/365 – Happy Magnet


A little magnet I got from San Francisco – he lives on the fridge. If you move him he shakes, I took the photo using a slower shutter speed to show the movement.


Bracelet Bay

I spent yesterday afternoon down Bracelet bay photographing the shore. There were more leading lines in the rocks here, but the light isn’t as good as around the corner in Limeslade, as it is south east facing. I really like the rocks though, they weren’t sharp like the ones on Sunday – thank goodness, I didn’t end up injuring my hand this time.

But I did remember to wear my wellies, so it didn’t matter if the tide caught up with me.

I’ve never been one to write in a diary, but I will be buying one to write all the location and season info I pick up on…

Return to Limeslade

Today I went back to Limeslade bay for sunset and twilight, this time the tide was on its way in, you could see how steep the rocks were at the sides and how high the tide must have been last Sunday! incredible! I ended up scrambling down the rocks to get to the beach – and taking a chunk out of my hand in the process (nothing antiseptic cream and a plaster won’t sort out) the rocks were incredibly sharp!

I took many photos, but this one has got to be the best of the lot, not too wide a shot, showing some nice rocks formations  and the movement of the water. This time I was lucky and had more colour in the sky.

Limeslade Bay

This afternoon I visited Limeslade Bay, Mumbles for sunset. I decided to go there as it has a lovely rocky shore, its easily accessible and the tide would be quite high. I wanted a rocky shore to get water movement over rocks.

The pretty clouds were a very useful feature in the reflected rock pool.

There wasn’t the usual colour in the sky during twilight, this I missed – it was just very blue.

The shore almost soaked me a couple of times, I thought it was safe to move down as the tide was going out, but a large wave would hit the rocks, cue me jumping out of the way…

Im going to visit this place again, maybe at sunrise – its not really that far away, with different clouds I may get a better atmosphere.


I took this photo about a year and a half ago, I really like it but I’ve never posted it on here… or at least not that I can remember, I’ve had a blog for a long while now…

I used a Variable neutral density filter to be able to leave the shutter open for longer and allow movement, A tripod to restrict the cameras movement and a shutter release cable. The colour has been obtained by adjusting the white balance in camera RAW software.