Day 51/365 – A Talented Artist

The other night I had the privilege of photographing the incredibly talented local artist and friend Sian Cartledge.

She needed some profile shots to use in an article about her, which is to be included in the programme for World Snooker Masters tournament 2013 in Alexandra Palace, London. Exciting!!


I used my wide angle lens to get everything in shot, as my standard lens wasn’t wide enough to include all the elements. I tried all types of angles, but in the end this was the best one.

She has a blog, take a look 🙂

Sian’s blog


Portrait of an artist…

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Angie Stevens, if you’ve been reading the newspapers or watching the news in the UK in the last two days, you’ll know exactly who I am talking about. For those who don’t, after reading this post nip over to Doodlemum for a look (shes truly excellent artist and a wonderful person!).

We decided to take the photo outside as the lighting inside was just too bad, and on Wednesday it was ok to do this as there was less rain than usual – I hate the impression I give of the weather in Wales, but we’ve had the wettest June on record.

Since then the photo has been cropping up all over the place, especially on the daily mail website and newspaper. It is very obscure for me to have my photo in a newspaper, I just thought as I took it I should write a bit about it too! 🙂 Going to have to get over my modesty if I want to develop myself as a portrait photographer.

Now for the techy bit, I took the photo with a wide aperture to obscure the background objects, which in turn allowed me to use a sensitive ISO and reduce noise with the available light. I used a cloudy white balance to warm the tones. Extra attention was paid to ensure the eyes were in focus.

I prefer the first photo’s angle as the focal points are on the face and the body is softened, its a nicer effect. The angle is also more friendly in the first photo.

I am incredibly happy with Angie’s fame, I hope this is the start of a very happy and long career in illustration. Good luck lovely, that mermaid painting on my wall will be worth lots one day 😉