Another Rhossili view…

I’ve been painting this one for my mother, its a view of worms head from Rhossili downs, a lovely walk over the hillside. I recommend it if you’re in the area, you’d probably recognise it if you watched Doctor Who or Torchwood, but from a different angle, the famous view is normally taken from the area of land to the middle-left of the painting, I wanted to paint a different view of it, to include the beautiful sea of heather.

Anyway here’s the painting…



Painting Rhossili

I enjoyed painting so much I did another one. I wanted to create the feeling of a hazy summers day, the summer bit came quite natural as the weather in Wales right now is beautiful, but I was missing the haziness, so I decided to watch jaws – not for the shark bit, but for the style, the sounds and the way they made me feel when painting the canvas.

I really like the effect, painting is really helping me to relax.

And the photo it’s based on: