Henrhyd falls

I’ve been looking through my photos and found a few I took that I’ve forgotten about… as the weather has been awful today and there’s been lots of water, here’s a waterfall.

I’ve added a bit of warmth.





Rainy day…

I’ve been working on the background for my new painting for a few days so decided to get outside and take some photos for a change.

It didn’t bother me that it was raining, so I just looked for interesting patterns and elements, I found a really nice spiders web covered in tiny droplets so grabbed the kitchen steps and took some photos of that.






Painting Snowdon

This weekend I have been painting Snowdon, based on a photograph of mine taken at Llannau Mymbyr, Capel Curig, North Wales.

It was the hardest painting so far as the amount of detailed objects in it.

Really enjoying my rekindled love of painting.


Hmm, what’s next?!…

Don’t worry I haven’t given up photography, while the skies are a plain blue canvas and the shadows minimal I am painting.

Painting Rhossili

I enjoyed painting so much I did another one. I wanted to create the feeling of a hazy summers day, the summer bit came quite natural as the weather in Wales right now is beautiful, but I was missing the haziness, so I decided to watch jaws – not for the shark bit, but for the style, the sounds and the way they made me feel when painting the canvas.

I really like the effect, painting is really helping me to relax.

And the photo it’s based on:


Painting Limeslade

Recently I’ve had a real urge to get back into painting, it’s been so long since I really painted, so I decided to give it a go.
I really enjoyed it, it’s as if I never stopped. I’m very lucky as I have lots of landscapes to paint 🙂

And here’s the photo it’s based on:

It’s not as dark and moody as the original and I’ve added more movement to the water. With art I am able to omit items I don’t want and add items if I want 🙂

Bluebell Wood

Photos from my woodland wanderings on my day off… I found this amazing bluebell wood, but I havent been able to process them as my little cat Bodhi has been taken ill and I’ve been frantically trying to get him to the right care. Thankfully he’s being looked after by the best – even if it is over 80 miles away…

Anyway, a distraction for my mind… I love bluebell woods they are so pretty. I’ve taken a mixture of photos, some using a tiny aperture to get everything in focus, and some using a wide aperture to obtain a shallow depth of field – to ‘focus’ on the bluebells on the woodland floor.


IMG_5486blog IMG_5475blog IMG_5360blog IMG_5289-blueginger-blog IMG_5276blog